Main events

Sunday at Ten

Morning Meetings

Our main gatherings – Bible teaching for all ages with staffed crèche


The Vineyard

Hot meal, small-group Bible studies, central talk and discussion groups

Sunday at Six

Sunday at Six

Evening Bible teaching followed by hot food

Youth and children's events

Little Lyons

Little Lyons

Baby and toddler group with refreshments, singing and short Bible message

Monday and Tuesday Club

Monday and Tuesday Club

After-school clubs with Bible teaching, singing, games and craft

4-4-2 Football Club


After-school club for Secondary School aged youth

Other events

Women's Book Group

Discussion of a Christian book – staffed crèche provided

Parish Prayer Meeting

Our weekly powerhouse

Visits to Nursing Homes

A short service in three local nursing homes each week

Holy Communion

Early morning Bible teaching with Holy Communion